Something is going on

I haven’t had an appetite or been eating much in the last month. I started noticing it this last week. I can’t finish dinner and hardly eat a breakfast or lunch. As an emotional eater and food as comfort im not sure what’s going on. In fact it’s almost like i have to make myselfContinue reading “Something is going on”

My feelings are hurt and i don’t know what to do

I got this text at 521 am from my ex husband. I believe it stems from my not allowing our son to go on vacation because i can’t trust him to not drink and drive with the child. Also my youngest doesn’t want to go. So instead of putting the child in the middle iContinue reading “My feelings are hurt and i don’t know what to do”

Covid free at this time

As my title suggests my test came back negative. I felt it would but anxiety made me worry too much about it. Now I’m laying here after running some errands and i feel discombobulated. I think it’s because this week was so emotional for me. And i think/ hope all that is played out. IContinue reading “Covid free at this time”

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