The biggest take away from group therapy I received in the hospital was that I was/am angry at God for my mental health issues. I never saw myself as an angry person. Apathetic yes. But I was/am I put both was and am as I feel at peace with my anger at God but IContinue reading “anger”

The hatred inside

I came home from work and fell asleep for an hour. When I woke up all I did was talk to myself internally how horrible of a person I am and how when I left my work meeting after it was over the people left in the room were taking bad about me. In realityContinue reading “The hatred inside”

Are you mad?

My middle son asks me this a lot. I do feel my anger in things starting to swell again but then again maybe I just have resting bitch face. Bottom line is I don’t know how to fix it. I quit therapy. My therapist just want a good fit. Even though I promised myself toContinue reading “Are you mad?”

Depressed and Angry or Hypomania and Angry?

Starting yesterday I felt a switch in my brain. Depression. I am filled with hatred at the world and everything in it…. including myself. It is confusing as hypo mania shows as anger as well. I am trying to have mindfulness of knowing which side of the pendelum I am on. I do think itContinue reading “Depressed and Angry or Hypomania and Angry?”

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