Though I am thankful I woke up this morning to see another day, I woke up depressed. I’m sure it’s work related. I like how I’m more intuned to my feelings. I decided instead of trying to fix it. I’m just going to ride the wave. It’s mild with no suicidal thoughts so I’m goingContinue reading “depression”

Good enough

Another thing my therapist touched on during my last session was my want to be perfect. He noticed a pattern where I won’t try new things or take the time to clean the house because I can’t make it perfect. He told me being or doing “good enough” is ok. At least I’m doing somethingContinue reading “Good enough”

Today I accept

Today I’m working on self acceptance. It’s going ok. I accept I’m overweight because of the food choices I make. And I accept I have a mental disorder that will be with me for life. I accept I say stupid things and regret them later. I accept I will never be perfect. It’s all okContinue reading “Today I accept”

This is it right here

I yearn for this place. But does it even exist? I know it’s not where I currently live that’s why I need a change of scenery. When I was in Australia I felt peace… At home… If only I knew now what my life would become oh the things I’d do differently. I of courseContinue reading “This is it right here”

Resourceful MEME’s

First off I am so over joyed I am taking this quick little vacation. The Cher/Cyndi Lauper concert was beyond my expectations. Both are incredible women and both for different reasons. I didn’t get any pictures of cher because my phone got zapped of juice for some reason. But here is the best I tookContinue reading “Resourceful MEME’s”

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