Do i got this?

Some moments i feel i have life down other times im floundering. Right now i feel i got this but i also know im procrastinating. Im going to sit in this moment and enjoy the false sense of security. I know a lot of us are struggling and though i wish i was alone in it… it’s sadly comforting. I want you all to take care you are appreciated by me!

Life semi update

I’ve been in a good mood the last few days. Fairly productive for me. We had my son’s graduation party. It was small but he enjoyed himself. On a side note… His girlfriend broke up with him but he’s taken it well thankfully.

I have a psych dr appt tomorrow. We shall see how that goes.

I must be feeling something down deep as I’ve been wanting to eat all day. Im just not sure what is causing it. It might be some weird dreams I have been having.

I know this is disjointed post but i wanted to post my update as i know when i haven’t read from a person in awhile i wonder.


I’ve crashed into the idgf mode. My dreams keep haunting me with the past and i have no motivation.

I see the psych dr Monday. But i don’t think meds will change things. Im faithful in them and though they help the bipolar… it is still a part of me. I just want someone to see the struggle and say… hey you’re doing a great job at being you despite life. Keep it up.


Yikes my weekend got out of hand work wise but i managed it. Now to work two weeks without on call then another week then two weeks and im taking a week off. I need it.

I react to things wrong sometimes that’s what anxiety does. It’s not easy to change an attitude just because. I try to be fair and honest in everything. I’ve come a long way and today im proud of that.

Right at this moment im in good spirits which is a nice change. Im enjoying it so there is that.

2 little thoughts

I applied for a couple of jobs. I can’t let go of this itching in my brain that my new boss won’t be supportive. I’ve spent time thinking is this the anxiety talking but honestly it’s nagging at me.

I am thinking of getting my son on disability. He has cancer and mental health issues. Can anyone shed light on how to start the process?

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