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And now it’s time for some memes

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Just a few I’ve seen on Facebook that have spoken to me.



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I’ve been researching ect. Anyone tried it and had good or bad results?

Poor choices

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I’m working hard to not make poor choices. Why is life a struggle? I feel so lonely.

The day is ok

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After my initial sadness and worry today has been ok. I was reassured my job isn’t on the line but I still feel it is. My boss just wanted to talk about a case no biggie. But of course I thought worse case scenario.

My psych Dr is so callous. I asked for latuda and he went on a tirade how I’m bipolar so meds aren’t going to cure me. I have to just deal with it. Then he upped my abilify. Wtf! Anyway wanted to update you all.

High anxiety

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My boss called yesterday but didn’t leave a voicemail or a text. I didn’t call back. Why ruin my day when I can put it off right? So I’m anxious about that. I’m at the psych Dr and they’ll ask about suicidal thoughts I’ll have to answer yes. I’m not sure what they do with that. I’m swimming in failure with no where to turn. It’s starting to feel like last time and that scares me.

At a loss

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I am miserable. Lack motivation or appreciation. When do you know when something is toxic enough to move on from? I seem to make the wrong choices. I don’t know which way is up or down. I have a phone interview today pray it goes well for me. I need a change while I study for my real estate license.

Black and white challenge day four

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Post a black and white photo for the next 7 days. No people no comment or explanation just a photo. Then challenge someone new every day.

I’m not going to challenge anyone from here on out. I’m just going to do it for fun so if you want to also please do.