Song challenge day one

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I decided to do the song challenge. Let’s see if I can keep up with it lol. Day one is your favorite song. I love love love music so I have a ton of favorites but this song right now I never get tired of. I have been this in love yet known the person was too toxic to stay with. It just resonates with me.

Here is the list of you want to join.

Let me know in a comment if you do please do I can check it out. Thanks 😃

Vlog from yesterday

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I’m dabbling in vlogging. It’s really rough but heartfelt. Checking it out if you’d like.

As far as today I’m super tired and didn’t put makeup on today. I am trying to think of excuses to go home early but I’m out of good excuses. Plus it won’t get my work done. Feeling tired is exhausting. Duh right. Lol. Otherwise I’m actually in good spirits. I just need a nap. 

TW: This video haunts me

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I ran across this on Facebook a couple of days ago. It is spot on for how no matter your status in life mental health is exhausting when you struggle with it. Please listen. 

Inspiration and a little bit of a women crush

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I discovered a youtube channel called Nina Unrated well over a year ago. She is hella sexy and so honest. What you see is what you get. It was at that time primary makeup based. It has since changed and I love the channel even more. It is more of an advice/support channel then anything else.

Ms Nina calls her followers kisses and is very raw. Almost too raw but that is what makes it great. She has a great combination of beauty, life, fitness, motivation. I LOVE LOVE HER!

She can be found on instagram and youtube.

Now,  I am not gonna lie. She can be a loose cannon but that is her appeal to me as a women crush (she is no girl trust me lol) and as someone who inspires me. I love that she is fiercely loyal and doesn’t give a fuck. She will call an ignorant person out. In fact it was these tangents that made me unfollow her on youtube for awhile. I love a person who keeps it real but sometimes the haters are just wanting attention and you can’t feed those damn trolls.

Then she seemed to take some time off and in the long run I think that was a good idea as she is back stronger then ever. Not only physically but it seems to me soulfully. I began following her again and I don’t regret it. She recently called someone out and before it seemed hateful when she did it on instagram (literally like a year ago) which made me unfollow her. This time it has purpose and in my opionion called for…. But I do regret unfollowing as I need to realize we can “agree to disagree” even if she has no idea who the hell I am. LOL

Anyway….Don’t take my word on it. Please check out and subscribe to her. (and to reitterate she has no idea who I am) I  have linked a couple of her outstanding helping people who are struggling out videos.

Beware this video has a great message but made my anxiety and worry level squirm as it is done while driving.


This her keeping it real. For good or bad!

Here she is talking about her brief hiatus

AND this one will leave you in tears but sealed the deal on my love for her.

So there you have it. Sorry didn’t post much last weekend but I plan on writing some stuff today to update on life and finishs some drafts I have half written. I did make a long post about a work related issue my mind created but kept it private since… well even in the moment I didn’t care if I got fired… the sane me does!!! Stupid poor choices!!