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Today is the day

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I didn’t wake up deciding that today will be the day i take control of my eating habits. Half way through i decided to and i feel motivated in a way i haven’t in a long time.

I know for me the hardest part will be the psychological scars i have to overcome. Food has always been my friend. It doesn’t judge or make me feel unworthy. I have 43 years of being wired this way.

The thing is it’s worse at night. I need strategies to stay on course. Because something had to happen at nighttime for me to need that comfort. I just have no honest clue what.

I sit here feeling fear of failure once again. But i do feel it’s different as it’s me understanding it’s not just what i eat but my relationship with food. Before i feel i thought it was more will power. I see now it’s triggers and making real changes. Im a poor choice maker. I need to figure how to change that then i can be more successful.

I know change is hard… boy do i know but i can do this. I just have to try or better yet just do.