I say this on my Instagram feed a couple weeks ago. This one amazingly spoke to me. It a bundle of truth in one simple meme. This extends to first impressions of strangers all the way to your step son who appears perfect who is grooming your five year old son to abuse as heContinue reading “Truth”

Haunted dreams

I made this Instagram Textgram a it is weighing heavy on my mind. I just can’t shake the realness of the dream and the disappointment it was a dream. It just reminded me if past regretfully decisions and how one it is made you can’t go back. Choices made at 20 will haunt once inContinue reading “Haunted dreams”

WordPress family award

I shamelessly gave myself an honorable mention from my beauty blog so I could cross promote. And well if you don’t believe and promote yourself who will right? Marketing 101 up in heeerre. So without further ado I present the…. Ok so the rules!!!! First posting the image of the award — done 2. LinkContinue reading “WordPress family award”

Daily prompt unexpected loss

July/August 2009 my middle soon had two brain surgeries due to cancer. It took six months and Gods hands to save my sons life. I am thankful everyday we did not have the ultimate loss of life. The thing is loss is more than death. My son is different regardless. We lost the little carefreeContinue reading “Daily prompt unexpected loss”

The New Youtube Family Vlog

Please check out our latest video! Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below! Please follow me on any of these social medias Google+: Angela “Makeup Whisperer” Watkins, Twitter: @mke_upwhisperer Tumblr: Facebook: Blog makeup: Blog Personal: Vlog Youtube channel: Makeup Youtubechannel:

Self Improvement is a good thing right?

  Every year I make New Year’s resolutions and every year I fail at them. At this point I it’s a tradition and it makes me feel like a pessimistic failure instead of a good old fashion “good intentions pave the road to hell” type of failure.  I hope that makes any sense lol. ThisContinue reading “Self Improvement is a good thing right?”

Daily Prompt Photo: Covet

I love my husband but we have long discussed we are not soul mates by kismet. We are turning into soul mates though by perseverance and well most days I wish it was by kismet. But those days when I appreciate it through perseverance it is really fucking awesome! 😀 ******************************************************************************* Please follow me on any ofContinue reading “Daily Prompt Photo: Covet”

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