blogmas 2019

December 5 2019

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I gotta say I’m already losing interest in this blogmas thing. So I’ve chosen today to be pensive again and lament on why it is i can’t stick to anything. I have great ideas but my follow through sucks. Is it the medication or being bipolar or just a character flaw?

How do you force yourself to stick with things?

December 4 2019

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So i found out yesterday there is a thing called blogmas. Lol so im changing the descriptive from my silly title to that.

Today im talking about change. It’s hard to make changes. I know i have several I’d like to but i find i don’t have the motivation or maybe the real desire to make them so i keep being unhealthy.

How do we change ourselves or behavior? I know i have changed since i started writing this blog. Mostly for the better. Im not recovered fully but it’s livable and i need to give myself credit for that. I can’t wait to change for the better even more.

What is your feelings on change or what do you desire to change?