Do you leave things unsaid

It’s 4:07 in the morning again. Just woke up from a horribly vivid dream and I’m angry. Life isn’t what it should be.

I have two days left of this job. I’m debating on telling the lady off as to why I’m leaving. Then I think is it necessary? It’s a toxic environment and peoples worth isn’t valued so what’s the point. I’m not here to save anyone. Why do I care who knows the truth. It’s only my reality not theirs.

I’m angry at my boyfriend. He’s often not as sensitive to my feelings of doubt and human emotions as I feel is given in return. I seriously feel like I’m ready to just be alone. But is it the anger talking?

Ultimately this week can’t be over sooner. I keep thinking I’m a day ahead. I have doubts I can do this new job what if it’s the same shit? I want a job I’m seen for my worth. Will I ever be content?

10 thoughts on “Do you leave things unsaid

  1. You are frustrated and raw after dealing with the old job for so long. No doubt adding to you anger and feeling like you are not supported enough. I would give it a month,let things settle. If you still have these feelings toward your bf then…may indicate something more is going on. I am pulling for you.

  2. You have to define content and is your expectations to high. This requires a hard look at yourself which is hard to do. It sounds like your anxiety meds aren’t wokring very well right now.
    Remember there are no should’s in life. It is either yes it is or no it isn’t. Should’s will set you back in your personal life and at work. 🙂

  3. Ugh. I would get out of their first in one piece, let the dust settle, and then figure out what’s what. Sometimes one frustrating person will ruin it for everyone in YOUR life, and until you’re out of their toxic spell, it’s hard to see straight. (At least it was in my experience!)

  4. I’ve never been one to burn bridges, no matter how satisfying it would be. I had to leave a toxic work environment once, and even though I wanted to, I didn’t tell them how I really felt. That ended up working in my favor, as the owner gave me a good reference to a future job opportunity. You just never know how angry words can bounce back in your face.

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