What’s worth fighting for?

I was called into the office today to be the next step down from written up. It’s a “coaching” thing. I fully think it’s bullshit as I’m not costing company money. It’s not the quality of my notes or how I do my job and I know I’m forgoing a bonus due to not having my notes completed with the 24 hour period they want. But again I have talked to the boss about my struggles with it and never did she say well this could lead to a firing. She did once go on about being an expectation and me stating I wanted an accommodation. But it was never stated or communicated you need to get this done or I’ll have to start the write up process. I cut her off at the pass when she kept asking me why essentially I don’t care and I didn’t feel like arguing with someone I don’t trust. So I told her I had another job and plan on quitting soon. I’m waiting for the formal acceptance and then I’ll put in notice. She then I think wanted a notice right away but I refused on the off chance I don’t pass backgrounds but really I feel I could work a retail job around here with slightly less money and way less stress and be ok financially. If it came down to it. I know yesterday was about being nice and telling for her sake but I should wait but I’m the moment I couldn’t take the conversation so I pretty much told her I don’t give a fuck and that was the end of that no coaching shit in my record.

Now I’m debating do I figure out reality off if it truly is bullshit what she was trying to pull or just letting it go? So many times in my life I’ve let things go and not gotten down to talk answers. Hell I’m even thinking of asking the ceo himself as he talked at a company wide meeting about changing the 24 hour rule. I don’t feel I’m being unreasonable but I also don’t feel it would change a damn thing overall. I was done dirty and I’m a fucking good worker. Though I had some negative thoughts of being a shit imposter for a bit.

Ultimately I will see how things go I think but you know impulsivity is a trait of bipolar. Not an excuse just a fact. So if I get out in a corner who knows how what I’ll do.

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