I do tentatively have the job. There is a hiccup though they are having issues getting someone to verify my work ethic as a supervisor. My current job only confirms I work there. My old last children division supervisor won’t return calls so they reached out thankfully and another supervisor I’m friends with that was my old supervisor is willing to give me a reference. Fingers crossed that satisfies that. Though now I’m having mixed feelings about leaving as I found out there has been consequences to the co worker who is giving me trouble then again if she’s willing to try to get me fired before I’m sure I’m still on the radar. And I live in the gray with some people. Plus I still feel it is toxic as no one has addressed my feelings about it all yet she gets to work less hours for self care? I’ve been assured by another person this is not a reward but to me it feels like it. Sigh. So I guess right now I am not so much caring to say fuck you s as you people suck more of so want to be valued and it’s a time to move on. Still needing positive mojo it all works out please. Love you all!

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