The fool’s journey

I just pulled my tarot of the day. The question I mediated on was what do I need to know about today. I got the card 0 the fool. I think it’s perfect card for today as my intuition says it’s about my journey of being my own boss doing what I love helping people. Even though doubts crawl in I’m in the right path and since I officially signed up for international certification class today… it’s kinda amazing I got this card. They say they’re is no coincidences in tarot as there are 78 cards and any variety can pop out and if you consider reversals even more possibilities.

I hadn’t been pulling for a month as I no longer get up early in the mornings but with my birthday decided to get back in the habit. I didn’t want to go to bed without pulling a card if the day. And the fact I got this card on today just makes me believe I’m on the right path a new beginning even if my eyes are wide shut going into the great unknown.

Other then that it was a good day. And I can’t ask for more then that.

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