New day

And it’s a Saturday so no work bs to get me down. Just me and my regular self loathing thoughts.

Monday is my birthday ill be 45. I’m not surprised I’ve been lucky enough I live this long what I’m surprised about is where I am in life. I look back at twenty year old me and think what potential she had. Working two jobs going to college wanting the world to be experienced. Now I have no real friends. I barely clean the house and I have the wisdom to realize the world is not my oyster. Where does that leave me?

I realized a couple of days ago. I want to be my own boss. I want by this time next year to be a life coach for mental health. I already essentially do it for a company so why not for myself. Of course that means I need to research make a solid plan and not go into it blindly. I don’t feel this is a manic flight of fancy idea. I think it’s very attainable and viable. If anyone has thoughts or resources on starting your own business please let me know.

Oh and I always tell people like they say those that can’t do teach… those that have a messed up life social work! Most social workers would agree.

6 thoughts on “New day

  1. I am 28 and feel that 8 years ago I had so much more potential than I do now. I’m really starting to see the mental illness burnout that those of us with severe mental illness experience. I hope your birthday is amazing and I hope you hold onto that dream of becoming a mental health life coach. I may attempt to do the same, to be honest.

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