Five heartfelt things

Jewish young professional and Mental health at home have set forth a challenge or a prompt either way to write about five non self decrepitative things we believe we do well. I am up for the prompt and here is mine. They and I encourage all to do this as well either in comments or in own blog. (Caveat — I started this two days ago but got sidetracked with life so here I am again still feel free to add your thoughts)

1) I am great at providing for my family. They want for nothing and it’s not just about a roof and food in the table. It’s about love and rooting for them as well.

2) I care for human life. Everyone has value even if they can’t see it. I want everyone to succeed at life. And if I can help in that way it’s a bonus.

3) I love playing in makeup. I’m excellent at doing eye makeup and finding ways to make them sparkle.

4) I am the best damn Googler around. You want info I’ll find it one way or another. I am a vessel of knowledge in a lot of things and if I’m not hell Google is not far away.

5) I’m a problem solver. I’ll do pros and cons list. I’ll play devils advocate or think outside of the box to help find a solution that works. You need advice that is non judgmental and not offended if not taken I’m your gal.

Alright that’s my list. I look forward to reading yours!

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