Odds and ends

This Monday is almost in the books as they say.  It was longer then I wanted but productive.  I even got doggy cuddle time during a break.  The dogs have adjusted well in our home but they are not potty trained as told.  Which is disheartening.  My one son and parents feel I should give one away but the thought of separating them is to much for me. They are very bonded.

Work was ok today. And I got over my quota (ugh I know) so if less people during the week are seen I should be ok. Like tomorrow I have three planned when four is the minimum and five is the goal. So irritating but it is what it is. I am taking my son to the doctors so that’ll eat some time.

Today I am thankful for my life. It’s often solitary but I created that and it suits me at my current age. I do get envious sometimes if others lives but mine is a good one right now.

My dreams have been scary lately. I don’t if that means something in the grander scheme of things but it’s really annoying me. I really dislike having the after feelings of a super emotional dream. It lingers so long.

Welp it’s time to figure out supper for the night then relax a little before a new day. I hope you are all safe and life is being good to you.

2 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. I’ve had this saved in my email for a couple hours. It’s been such a long day, my brain hurts & I’m emotional for no apparent reason. I’m glad I saved it just before bed. Thank you for reminding me that life as a whole is really good for now. I also have bad dreams that linger & annoy me. At least I’m not alone. Have a great day tomorrow 😁. Thanks for sharing!

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