One more work day.

I hope tomorrow goes fast then the weekend slow. One good thing about my work is my days once they get going go fast. We might have to take my vehicle which I’m ok with as right now i have satellite radio. It’s about a five hour drive to where we are going. I’m worried about the heat and the weight I’ve put on. My back often hurts if i walk to much. And of course i sweat. Ugh. I thought about bringing make up but if i sweat it off what’s the point? I might pack a small bag as why not.

I really dislike being overly sensitive. I suppose who does. I feel pretty good about my mental health i just have this being too sensitive to comments that people say that they most likely aren’t meaning bad. Is it possible to take a vacation from myself? 😁 i wish some days.

My boss does this thing were we talk about our day in a round Robin kind of way and talk about someway we’ve helped today. Really an innocent question. But today i really didn’t have anything that stood out. So i bs’d it. Still some days just talking to someone about no particular problem helps. Ya know?

I guess I’ll go and start packing. I bought frozen pizza for dinner so i toss one in the oven for me as well.

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