So frustrated and sad

As I’m sure you all know i work in the mental health field. I was with a client this afternoon and a different client calls but i close to never answer if with another client so it went to vm. The phone client was in crisis.

I talked to her and made a plan to see doctor Monday but in mean time go to er for help. I tried to do the paperwork in suppose to do but frankly she was crying and i felt so much for her i didn’t do the right paperwork… oh well i guess. I asked her to call me and let me know what was decided.

I call my supervisor to let her know. She is so callous. I don’t get how she has a masters degree in social work. Her answers were well you did the best you could make sure you document everything. I guess in case she does kill herself i won’t be fired??? Wtf! This is a human being not a spreadsheet. She then says well call her later and if don’t get her call tomorrow and if don’t get her then go by the house. Ok fine i don’t mind like i said it’s a human life. I then ask is she wants to know what happens because well you should care for the client and your worker with secondary trauma ya know… she says no i can’t do anything until Monday anyway. Again wtf! What if i go to the house and it’s bad? Here i sit worried but as a supervisor as long as I’m in the clock and document everything there is nothing to worry about. I’m so frustrated and sad.

And then there is no wonder people don’t get help or trust the mental health care system. If you can’t give a damn don’t do it!

3 thoughts on “So frustrated and sad

  1. I’ve wondered the same thing about some of the horrible managers I’ve had in the past. Why on earth go into the mental health field if you’re going to be an asshole?

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