I didn’t really think i have trust issues but maybe more like reality issues. I can’t shake this feeling that something isn’t right. So boyfriend all earnestly gives me the if i die please go on with your life talk saturday night. It was depressing yet send sincere.

So he leaves to go home yesterday… Sunday… and he says he gets a call while he’s going home to go ahead in the hospital and have heart checked out and sleep study or maybe it was just the heart thing all along I’m not clear. Anyway miraculously his heart is now fully working. I truly am beyond joyful that this is the case.

Yet i have this nagging feeling it was all some kind of test to see my reaction. But then i think why? We’ve been together three years with little to no hard core drama. But who gets called at two on a Sunday out of the blue to do a heart test that should have probably been done sooner or at this point could have waited? It’s just really nagging at me.

2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Truth be told, you may never know but why give your energy to worrying? I don’t think you’d give 3 years to someone who would emotionally manipulate you to that degree. 🖤❤️

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