Relief and that nagging feeling

I had some relief today after talking with a person about my feeling on work struggles. I even said I’m not working past a certain time and the rest can wait until tomorrow. Good for me right? Yet i still have this nagging feeling of inadequacy. I’m doing my best to ignore it. But it’s a cloud just sitting above my head. It will all be ok i know just sucks to not get past these feelings.

3 thoughts on “Relief and that nagging feeling

  1. Ohhhh, I see what you mean. Maybe even practicing some radical acceptance on the part of feeling these inadequate feels would help? Or taking a small moment to do a meditation which you take in that inadequate part and ask what its purpose is and what you can do to help soothe it? And be as open as you can to the process and then say something like ‘Hey, Inadequacy, I’ll leave you be for another minute and then I’m going on with my day’ could help? It’s probably worth a shot, right? Hope you get through it all right!! Those feelings definitely suuuck. ☀🌈

      1. Sweet!!! Glad it could help even just a little. The meditation idea, I’m not sure if it’s online as a guided one like on Youtube, but I got it from a nonfic book I read a couple months ago. I have the review somewhere on my blog haha, TAoCL. Let me know if you need anything else going forwards!! XX

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