Living in fear

I have fear for my middle son. I fear him dying by suicide. I know he has the thoughts and because of this i don’t push him too hard. I’m supportive and probably enabling. The thing is if something happened to me and my mom he’d be lost. And that’s not benefiting him. I’ve encouraged him right now to maybe live with his dad and have the same hours as him at his job. I just don’t know. I don’t feel like a failure exactly but yet i did fail him somehow i feel.

9 thoughts on “Living in fear

  1. The ultimate act of selfless love is encouraging him to perhaps live in a situation more beneficial to him even if more painful for you. Putting his needs first makes you a great mom💙

      1. Lack of internet helped Spook get into video and audio editing over mindless surfing so there is a sunny side even when they cannot see it😛

  2. I don’t think you’ve failed him. His mental health issues arent down to you. I mean maybe he would have developed them anyway? School, divorce, etc, all could’ve led to it!

  3. Deep post here Friend. What is the cause of his bad thoughts? Is there a root cause? I think it would be a good idea to discuss it with him, so that you can evaluate the situation. I think visiting a qualified psychologist might also help. There are online forums where people who formerly struggled with depression discuss their stories, I think those forums would be a great place to check out – just to see what you could do to help him. Also, another factor that helps is God. God is real, and he does give people a sense of purpose. The fact that God created a person, that means that there is something God wants them to achieve. Getting closer to God and finding his purpose can also help out. If he is interested, I have a post on how to build a relationship with God here:
    I also post on my blog frequently about the Lord, since there is so much to know (he is welcome to check my blog out). If you need a friend, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. Let’s keep believing in God, trying our best and praying, may Jesus grant you success, Amen.

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