A case of the ughs

My youngest woke up this morning with a stomach bug. I know it’s legit as i haven’t seen him in his phone watching videos even once. Thankfully he has nala to keep him company. I woke up with a very sore throat but no other symptoms. Took some Tylenol and it’s still kinda there.

I really need to find motivation in housework. It’s horrible to the point it bothers me but i can’t seem to care at the same time. Ugh. I can’t call it depression and i don’t feel it’s laziness. I don’t know what the issue is.

Works ok. I’m getting in a groove so that’s cool. My middle son starts a job today. Fingers crossed he keeps it. I guess that’s all for now. Off to finish my day.

4 thoughts on “A case of the ughs

  1. Don’t worry about the house. Whether it’s the depression or laziness, there’s no harm in a little dust on the tabletop or lego on the floor.

  2. That place in between depression and laziness is what I call inertia. You want to tackle it but you just are not there yet. Do what you can and trust that no world ever blew up cos someone had dust bunnies.
    Remember the mantra-have to,need to,want to. You have to get up,get cleaned up,care for kids and pets and go to work.
    The need to and want to will wait.

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