Meet nala

I got this little imp today. We are already in love.

I had been checking websites for a kitten the last couple weeks with no luck. I checked at my parents yesterday around 330 but didn’t see anything. I decided to check this morning and yesterday after i looked someone posted having three free kittens. 2 boys 1 girl. So i texted and made a time to meet i said i didn’t care which one. My boys and i went and got supplies then waited for the people who were a half hour late (just a side note as jeez really) but it was worth it she is adorable. I figured we’d probably get a bit since two of them so we had picked out the name ash as i had seen a picture of their colorings on the website. But the guys said it’s the girl so we went with nala.

She had played cuddled slept and ate so far. And our other cat likes her as well so awesome. Hope you all are having a great weekend as well!

6 thoughts on “Meet nala

  1. That is a tiny bucket of aweness😍😍😍😍 Cool name,too. I hope she brings you love and positive vibes.

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