Today 040621

I woke up with full anxiety. I took klonopin right away it was so bad. Things settled down with the help of it and my day in general kicking off. I had a weird dream so not sure if it was that or something else. I’m starting to like my job… gasp i know … but i do feel like i have people im really helping and in my old job i never felt that way. Still struggling with time management but I’ll get there.

I know this isn’t much of an update as past the morning anxiety my day was satisfying. I’m tired so off to bed soon i go. I’m praying my dreams are not too adventurous. I need a break! Anyway… hope you all are doing well and if you need it sending a hug.

One thought on “Today 040621

  1. Hey, I’ve been having weird adventurous dreams too.. with people I don’t see anymore and who wouldn’t speak to me if we literally ran into each other.. and they’re my friends in the dreams.. not a restful way to sleep šŸ’¤

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