I dislike when i ask a direct feelings question and the person is deflective. Especially in people i love. Once again freaking Facebook gets me in a situation. I posted along for a place to stay to visit my home town with my boys. My boyfriend asks why he wasn’t invited. I was honest and said i thought about inviting you with us but with covid i didn’t know if you’d want to. But if you do you can join us. He then says something about forcing an invitation. I said no really i did think that but there is no way to prove it. Then i thought maybe he was referring to something i had done and didn’t realize it. He said no I’d never forced an invite. So i say again the whole i did think of him. And then ask him if he’s trying to get my panties in a wad to bug me or if i hurt his feelings. He said no it’s just a question. So i say it again about the panties versus feelings and he said again it was just a question. Argh if i hurt your feelings i will apologize and do better but if your just fucking with me then say it. So that makes me believe i hurt his feelings????? I’m so irritated at him for not just being forthcoming and at myself for feeling guilty. πŸ˜’ i dislike bullshit and do my best to be stress free but shit we don’t even live together so wtf.

3 thoughts on “Irritated

  1. I reeeeally dislike when that happens. For me it takes a lot to be direct with people so when I finally do and then it seems like the person is dodging the question / statement whatever it upsets me and I ruminate about it for days and weeks 😡

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