I am that person

I saw this and it brought back memories as a child. Boy was i mouthy but i didn’t really get in super trouble for it. I did get voted most rowdiest my senior year. Over all i had a good childhood. Being a latch key kid and an only child it was lonely at times but i had books and movies to entertain myself. I was a good kid over all. But i can see the bipolar even then… suicidal thoughts, low self esteem to big swings in grandiose thinking. I’d go from taking over the world to crying at the slightest misgivings. I grew up on a farm and i wouldn’t change it for anything. I read a Post from a great friend on here that we shouldn’t compare our experiences to others. And that is very much true. At the same time i can’t help think of things i squandered or took for granted that others didn’t have. I think I’m proof that mental illness can effect anyone. I know i can’t be anyone else but sometimes i wonder who’d i be if not for my brain. Can i grieve for that person? Or should i just be grateful i am who i am? I think that was the point of her post. We can be us with our feelings without invalidating others. I’m so happy she wrote it… it made me think tonight.

3 thoughts on “I am that person

  1. My therapist is very clear about our ability and obligation to mourn the person we could have been if not for the disease. If it’s something you think about then you should let yourself feel the feels.

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