I hate cleaning

I just really do. It’s not fun or calming for me. I wish i was one of those people who found it cathartic. I just find it as suckage and it shows in my house. My parents came over to move my old fridge downstairs as I’m getting a new one Saturday. They decided to come over earlier then i expected so the house was a disaster. I don’t care about my mom seeing it as she will nah regardless but i do care that my dad saw it. And smelled it. Like the cat box and gross food smell as there was left over dishes in the sink. I prayed he didn’t have to use the bathroom.

The thing of it is my dad is passive aggressive he won’t say anything to me but will my mom who will then tell to me over and over again. Plus i know Tuesday i have a six hour round trip car drive with her as my middle son gets his mri Tuesday and is three hours there and back. We are taking her van as my check engine light is on and i don’t want to get stranded. So… I’m sure it’ll be brought up.

Since they left i have taken a nap… went down a rabbit trail of true crime videos and just time sucked on my phone. I need to clean the spot my fridge was in so i don’t feel embarrassed when the fridge gets delivered. I need to also clean my office as it’s starting to affect my mental health in my work space. I’m trying to find mojo to get this done but here i sit writing this 🤦‍♀️

It’s not even a depression thing i just don’t want to do it. Ugh… here i go. Hope you all are having a good day and are coping with what life brings. I know i am trying.

6 thoughts on “I hate cleaning

  1. You know what? This is most people, add in depression or illness and well – frankly we need to prioritise our mental health by resting sometimes more than we need to go and scrub things. People should come over to see YOU, not judge the state of your house. ((Hugs)) Hope your mother keeps her thoughts to herself and best of luck with your sons MRI xx

  2. I clean when I am mad or upset. It calms me down and once my house is clean, I am okay. I haven’t been mad in a while though, however, I clean often. So I suppose I am one of those people. Lol

  3. One of my biggest hurdles has been that since I’ve been on disability, my only real job is to keep the house. I don’t like it. I’ve never liked it. Do the best you can and that’s the best you can do.

  4. I have to be in the mood to clean. Or motivated by my inlaws coming to visit. My house could be picked up right now, but I’m on the tale end of a depression and could care less. Tomorrow when I am feeling better I will pick up. Today I’m just trying to tackle my laundry because all of my bra’s are dirty. LOL Cleaning sucks. DEEP cleaning sucks worse. I do keep my house cleaner that what I lived in growing up, that I was responsible for cleaning even though NONE of it was my mess. Maybe that is why I hate cleaning. Bathrooms are the worst.

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