Interacting with people

Since the majority of time the last year has been working with people over the phone and interacting with my coworkers through phone or computer screen i forgot how i react to people that aren’t responsive or their usual self i have seen on a computer in real life.

I went to the office today to print something for a client. A co worker who is usually chatty with me was cranky looking and cool towards me. I immediately felt I’d done something wrong but i can’t think of what it could be. We have little interaction. So i have done my best to rationalize it and not catastrophe the encounter. I’ve done well to make me realize the likelihood it could be me is slim. Though i have a nagging i want everyone to like me thought lingering a little.

It also makes me worry if I’m equipped to be working in the real world again after this year long in home captivity due to covid. Ugh i just want to curl up in a ball and cry these negative paranoid emotions are so difficult when you’ve gone so long without them.

9 thoughts on “Interacting with people

  1. I have a bad habit of thinking others have been offended by me when they are cool or cranky toward me. I think it is less narcissism and more fear of anxiety inducing confrontation. It is a hard mindframe to break out of.
    I really hope when you finally have your appt they raise your dosage. You were doing quite well the first few weeks with alleviated depression symptoms. Hate seeing you struggle so much.

    1. Thank you my friend. I got refills appt last week but of course the fill in doc wouldn’t agree to increase so i wait until next month to see. 20 mg is a low dose for sure and it was wonderful to feel good for awhile.

      1. I changed dosages of Abilify at about the same time as you. At least I think you were on Abilify. Anyhow, I went from 30 to 20 and need to go back to 30, so… it happens and it’s okay (if that’s what you too are dealing with).

      2. I am on latuda i was on abilify for years and it worked a long time then i feel it had stopped so i asked for latuda to try and it helps for the suicidal ideation so far but i feel some negative emotions creeping back in if that makes sense

  2. You could always use it to engage in conversation by saying… are you ok? Or asking, “are you upset about something.” Gives a person the opportunity to vent maybe. There’s people at work that would definitely do this with but there are some where I wouldn’t bother because I don’t like them that much anyway. Guess it depends on the person and the situation 🙂

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