Life goes on

I haven’t written in like two days or three days. I haven’t felt like i had anything to say. I’m grateful the weekend is here and we shall see how much housework is done. I’m praying the tide changes and i have motivation. I have to soon enough as my parents will be over probably next weekend to move my old fridge downstairs as in the sixth i get a new fridge. I wouldn’t be so worried about the house if they didn’t own it. I do pay the mortgage but it’s in their name because my credit sucks. So it’s sort of their investment in a way.

My depression i felt a few days ago is better but not gone all the way. I don’t want to cook dinner but i don’t want to spend the money eating out. So I’ll be cooking just sloppy joes.

I wish i had something Poignant to say but i don’t. Life goes on regardless of my mood and i am grateful to wake up each day. I just wish no one had to deal with mental illness/ disorders.

5 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. Sloppy Joe’s sound good. Always an easy quick comfort meal.

    I was reading earlier how Kanye West says his bipolar isn’t a disability,it is a super power. Sounds like manic babble to me. None of us should have to do battle with mental issues. But having a famous person call it a super power really does the rest of us a disservice.

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