Latuda here i come

I’m not sure what made my Dr decide to let my try latuda when she said it’s for bipolar two not one. I said I’ve been on abilify for years. She then decided to let me. Since I’ve been on the similar cocktail for years I’m a little scared but hopeful to try it.

I feel like such a miserable person. I’m so tired of trying to get to some form of recovery and failing. I want good days again. I know meds don’t cure but damn if they have to be taken I’d like something that works.

I received a comment that was meant to be thought provoking… essentially i took it as is writing this all down making it worse. But ultimately I’m one person trying to make it in this world and sadly i don’t have friends irl to vent to. This is my spot to talk it out. And get support. I’d be worse off if not for it. I look up to this person and hope one day to be a accomplished but until then well this is what i have to offer. I do appreciate the sentiment to make me think.

6 thoughts on “Latuda here i come

  1. I’m BP1 and on Latuda. Just watch out for Tardive… Ive gone down from 120mg to 60mg and I am no longer on Ingrezza and I don’t have any symptoms as of yet. The shaking and mouth movements are gone for now. Hopefully it was just the high dose that put me over the edge. It helps me a lot though. Keeps the suicidal thoughts away which is a big deal for me because whenever depressed that is where I went. I hope it works out for you.

  2. Sounds like it’s worth a try. It would be nice if meds fully worked, but until better options come along, some of us are stuck just trying to find the best choice among meds that work a little bit.

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