#blogtober20 the one i love

So most people are writing about a partner but i want to write about why i love myself.

I am caring, kind, a team player, loving, smart enough, and beautiful.

It’s hard to feel those things most days but recently I’ve had a succession of decent days so it’s easy to love myself.

I need to remember when I’m feeling down or have negative self talk these things I’ve written down still matter.

I may not be what i once was but it has to be ok. And it is on my good days again its those bad days that make it so hard. I’m a survivor and i love that about myself as well. What do you love about yourself?

12 thoughts on “#blogtober20 the one i love

  1. Gotta amplify those good days so they help dull the bad days, for sure.

    I think I love myself because in spite of being an ancient 47 (ancient according to my kid) I am still wearing a Motionless In White hoodie and Jason Vorhees tennis shoes. Not even 30 years of depression and life kicking me managed to take the metal or horror out of me and I am very grateful for that. They are elements of my personality I value.

    If I get to feeling too old to listen to heavy metal and rock the slasher flicks, I hope someone slaps me with a dead fish.

      1. I started getting Fangoria magazine about the horror movie special effects when I was 7 so I always knew the ‘movie magic’ and not to get too freaked out. Nothing cheers me up like dumb teenagers running toward an abandoned shack with a chainsaw wielding madman behind them.
        I’m a little demented but it’s all fake, right? You should treat yourself to at least one scary movie in honor of Halloween month. I recently watched the original Fright Night and felt like I was 14 again, it was awesome!

      2. I can appreciate your understanding and enthusiasm for the genre! I think I’m just hyperaware at how, even fiction, affects me. I spent a lot of years watching that stuff though. It was one of the highlights of my childhood! For better or for worse. 🙂

      3. Oh, I am anxiety ridden for stuff like Saw and Hostel, that sadistic stuff freaks me out. But there are a few movies with good scares and little gore, like the original Halloween.
        If all else fails, my kid taught me to enjoy Vampirina and Hotel Transylvania 😉

  2. You know what other quality is admirable in you? That you are a very self introspective soul and you always strive to better yourself despite the circumstances. And that you also document it all here for your own good + for all and sundry, inspiring the rest of us along your life journey.

    What I like about myself; I am empathetic, I’m a really good listener, I love wholeheartedly – I like to make the people around me feel seen and heard. I’m also really learning to stand up for myself and I like that evolving part of me. I still got a long ways to go wrt apologising and saying sorry, and that’s the thing I hate most about myself – My ego.

  3. This is such a great post. Self-love is so important especially when we’re dealing with depression or other internatl or external things telling us we’re not good enough.

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