Just when i wonder

Sometimes i wonder if I’m bipolar as i don’t get manic very often. I feel the switch in my brain right now where i can tell if i wasn’t on abilify I’d be all over the place. Right now i just feel restless and hypersexual. I want to hug on people and feel their skin. I like this feeling other then the restless part. I feel alive and ready to take on the world. I want to meet you all and tell you your worth. Sadly it’s just a chemical imbalance and it’s not real. I remember now why people chase the mania.

2 thoughts on “Just when i wonder

  1. I often experience the same thing (am I really Bipolar since my hypomania is so infrequent?) but then there are times when my eyes and brain burn with energy and if I didn’t have my Seroquel I know I wouldn’t sleep! Thank goodness for working medication!

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