Hello to who ever reads this. I am fully depressed. I want to quit my job as i don’t feel I’m good enough for it and i haven’t even really started it. I have a lot of negative self talk and i just want to sleep. It hasn’t been this bad in a long while. Since i think it’s situational with the fear and guilt from my son… i don’t think a med change is needed. I just got to weather the storm. This feeling is painful and unrelenting. God help me.

10 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Hey, please don’t give up. I’ve been reading your posts and I know you’re walking through a pretty difficult time in life right now, but please don’t give up.
    The negative self-talk will subside eventually. If you just ride it out. I promise you.

  2. Imposter syndrome is normal at times especially when you are new to a job. There is a reason they picked and not anybody else for that role! Remember that each time it rears it’s ugly head.
    I wish you love and light!

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