Not my day

So far today has not been my day. Nothing overly dramatic really just people getting on my nerves. My mom wrote me a nasty text. I wrote back i didn’t agree with what she said and haven’t heard a peep out of her yet.

My ex called wanting my fourteen year old to work weekends where he works yet he doesn’t pay his own child support.

Then there was some tension at work that i wasn’t involved in yet it was awkward so that started off my day. It’s just been a blah day of small bullshit.

8 thoughts on “Not my day

      1. Up and down, my mum was rushed to hospital today with a covid scare, she’s clear and back home now. I’m ok but getting med mix right is proving a pain. That’s the way goes though. I do check in on your posts but haven’t really been sociable. To a better tomorrow!

  1. I understand your frustration when it comes to visitation an non-payment of child support. In Ohio you have to allow visitation regardless of payment or not. My daughter is going to be 27 in September and I am STILL owed child support. In the thousands.

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