Meant to be?

Do you believe in fate? Do you think we have choices? Do you believe in karma?

I am posting these questions as I’m not sure and want others opinions. Hope you are all doing well.

5 thoughts on “Meant to be?

  1. Hey Sweetheart, I’m really well and happy. ❤
    Fate just means that whatever choices we make, the results can turn out in many ways, and maybe fate decides what happens after we have exercised our imperfect free will.
    Sat well and happy Angela. ❤ 😉

  2. I’m a Christian as you know Angela. I believe there are a few things that are meant to be and will occur no matter what. BUT I believe most things happen by our choices and by the choices of other people.

  3. I don’t believe in fate as determined by a being much greater than us. That being said! I feel it’s probable that most of our decisions can be mathematically predicted, which kind of indicates that we may not have as much control as we think we do? I don’t believe in determinism, but I don’t doubt that all of our prior decisions dictate our present ones.

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