Victim mentality

I think another blog i follow was talking about my blog bringing him down. Some things he said just lined up so i don’t think I’m paranoid.

Anyway it made me wonder if i have a victim mentality. I can kinda see it. All this why me how do i change but don’t change bullshit. How much of me is my mental illness and how much is a poor mindset?

I’ve been thinking of deleting the whole damn thing not because of that but because I’m tired of it all. Im tired of me. I don’t mean to bring people down. I want to make real connections and i love this community. But what am i really doing?

I try to post the good with the struggling. If i see something uplifting i share it. I do sometimes feel like a victim of my circumstances but i want to be a voice that says ultimately you get back up and you keep living.

11 thoughts on “Victim mentality

  1. I don’t see your blog as victim mentality, it does not bring me down. I find it a stark honest portrayal of life with mental health issues and the ups and downs that come with it. It is not our responsibility, as bloggers who make it clear of our niche/main theme, to be happy fun balls for others. They are entitled to their opinion and their feelings but it does not make them right.
    You have shown me nothing but kindness and support for years now on my blog, which, honestly is lather, rinse repeat sometimes. That you recognize others are in a similar situation means you’re not viewing yourself as a victim, just a sufferer. No different than people who blog about difficulties with diabetes or weight issues. You talk about your experience and you are very quick to comfort others during their experiences.

    I’ve almost scrapped my blog numerous times because I felt like others were pointedly talking about me on their posts and I didn’t want to be viewed as some whiner. But I hope you’ll do like I did, and give it a few days before scrapping all your hard work at keeping a journal of your struggles. Your struggles are every bit as important as anyone else’s and you have every right to vent about them. Don’t let anyone take that from you. ❤

    1. Thank you my friend i appreciate it tons. I can’t once again find your email address can you give it to me again. I looked in comments but it must be buried and i can’t link to your website to get it.

  2. I’m not a fan of the whole idea of labelling people as having a victim mentality, because it seems to get applied way too broadly. Negative things happen in life. That’s reality, and talking about it doesn’t mean a person is acting like a victim.

  3. Oh my goodness!! Your blog is your blog, If said person doesn’t like it, then don’t bloody read it mate! It’s not like your holding a gun to his head, stick to your guns Chuck! I never understand why they have a thumbs down button on YouTube videos, if you like it then great, show a little love with the thumbs up. But if you don’t like it, just jog on. No need for the negativity! Don’t change your blog because of one person, don’t be afraid to be you, only change it if it’s what you want! Boo to the naysayers!!! 😊😂

    1. Thanks that made me giggle. But really i am thankful for the insight they felt. I don’t want to be a victim and he never used that word it made me ponder. I love this community and add always thanks for commenting.

  4. Apologies, Angela. I wouldn’t want for you to trash your blog or quit writing. My feelings are not your responsibility. Please keep doing what you’re doing. However I do recommend the book I told you about. Also you might look into cognitive behavior therapy with someone. It has helped me a lot, and maybe you could benefit from it as well.

    Please don’t sweat it on my account. Take care.

    1. 😀 no worries honestly. I’d been feeling like deleting posts which I’ve never done for awhile. You got me really thinking and i appreciate it. Sometimes we need some tough insight to really think. You never said i was a victim but it made me think and i appreciate that for real. I already downloaded the book. I’ve been through the gambit of therapists but i think going back might do me good.

  5. I will miss you if you leave. I’m an avid reader of your blog. You don’t bring me down. If anything it makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one feeling this way. Can you at least give me a heads up before you pack up your shit and go?

  6. Ugh. The “victim mentality” card us just code for “I have been privileged in life not to know what that other blogger is talking about on hard days. So rather than just be grateful that I *don’t,* I will arbitrarily decide that it must be that other person’s fault they have it rougher.” Grow some empathy, or scroll on past. Anything else is just petty.

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