18 thoughts on “Strange and unusual

  1. Strange is beautiful, always remember that, whether you’re having a self love or self loathe day. Anyone can be plain and normal and boring. It takes true character and personality for the muggles to find you strange. 😉

      1. It’s a word that’s used frequently in Stoicism but not common in contemporary conversation. It’s a word we weren’t taught as kids yet it’s one of the most important goals for a contented and successful life. X

  2. Hey there ,how are you doing? Have you christened that new chrome book yet? I’m looking forward to hearing about the first screenplay!! 😁🤑

    1. Im doing good. Im reading the book first to give me advice on how to write it properly. Hope your doing well. 😃 I’m having issues thinking of a title but i think it’s not all the way fleshed out so plenty of inspiration im sure will pop up.

  3. Glad to hear your doing ok! You were very enthusiastic the other day so I just wanted to make sure you were still as enthusiastic today! Lol. Hmmmm title, let me think……. sometimes if you think too hard you’ll practically invite writers block to your door! Why don’t you just grab a random book off your bookshelf, any book, close you eyes and start flicking through the pages. When the moment feels right, stop and put your finger on the page. Open your eyes and read the sentence or paragraph, maybe that or just a random word will inspire a title! Sometimes the best title is the most obscure title! Maybe this the worst idea ever or it could be the start of your first million pound idea. I normally take 10% commission but in your case I’ll settle for 5%! 🤑😂

  4. Happy to help! Glad your still focused and hungry. Bit of motivation, sprinkling of Tony Robbins and you’ll be knocking out Stephen king novels by August!

      1. Absolutely! That’s a grand idea! I did ok at school but the only subject I smashed was English although to hear me speak you’d probably raise an eyebrow! You may have noticed from my blog that I’ve recently sawn half my hand off, so I’m off work for a bit whilst I’m waiting for my fingers to grow back! 🤦‍♂️So when I’m not blogging myself, I’ve got plenty of free time on my hands, er I mean hand 😂. I’d be honoured to hear any ideas you’ve got!

  5. What!!!!! lol, you must be joking, I’ve been putting my heart and sole into it! I just clicked on my username in this thread and your right, i get the screen that says it doesnt exist anymore? WTF! Does this link work? https://its-a-mans-life.com/

  6. thank you for letting know about that issue, Ive sent a big sharp pointy shaped email to the word press gods, im sure its just a technical issue. I hope you enjoy reading it, have a lovely evening, cheers 🙂

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