It’s a bad week not a bad life

This week at work has sucked. I hate feeling incompetent. Thankfully im off at 2 today and tomorrow i have off in general. I need to give myself grace to be a human. Im flawed and that is ok. And not because of the bipolar. It’s just an added spice in life. Lol

3 thoughts on “It’s a bad week not a bad life

  1. How do you manage your work life and your personal life? My therapist says how self-care and balancing are two really big points for it, I know you’re in the field, so what do you think helps you most and helps you to separate your stuff from other people’s stuff?

    Also, how do you write such short posts? I’ve got it into my head the last few years that I can’t write or publish less than 500 words per post. I wind up with essays and a thousand or two thousand words instead. I’d like to spice it up here and there though but my “rules” are holding me back. D:


    1. The issue is i don’t do a good job of separating and balancing. Im hoping immersing in writing a screenplay will help.

      I don’t know how to write long posts. I try to write some poignant and thoughtful when im not just venting lol if i complete four paragraphs it’s a miracle 😀 so i have the opposite issue

      1. Ohhhh, I wondered if that might by the situation too, and that really sucks! Do you see your own individual therapist/person? Hopefully you can learn how to balance more in the days ahead! That would be really good self-care and you could try out different regimens and see what works best for you! You could even blog about it too, if that would motivate/help you. :3

        Ahahha, aaaa, that’s kinda funny. Someday we’ll have to try the opposite, you make a long post and I’ll make a short one. ^_^

        Hope your day was a little better today!!

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