May 13 2020

Im definitely not feeling work today. I feel ineffective and morose. I want to just curl up in bed and sleep though i don’t think I’m depressed. Not a full blown not wanting to function way. Just a spending time in bed would be nice. Im just tired. Maybe one day I’ll get a day to feel refresh and anew. On a side note, i am fleshing out my screenplay idea and that’s exciting. I need a chromebook though to really start writing instead of on paper.

4 thoughts on “May 13 2020

  1. I don’t have much hope of feeling refreshed and energetic til the weather starts realizing it’s bloody spring, not November. Cold, wet, gray. Sucks the life out of me. I want sunshine and warmth and to not wear six layers of clothing and hover over a heater.

    I got a used laptop since mine’s dying. It’s in perfect condition and I am pretty pleased with it, though with my dislike of change, I’d be happier if my old computer just lived forever 😉

  2. What’s a Chromebook exactly? Is it like a tablet or laptop?

    I feel you on the whole wanting to be in bed and sleep thing, although my current stint of that has been more depression based. Oooof, it sucks and I hate it so much. This whole week has been a lack of energy for me and it’s really messing up what I need to do and everything. Yuck. I’m hoping today will be an improvement!

    Wishing you all the best and I hope you feel better soon!
    You’re doing so much great work and you deserve to feel better and good about that. xxx ❤

      1. Ohhhh, neat, neat! I know that I like to write some of my fanfic stuff with paper and pen and then transfer it over to a Word document when I go to upload it or even edit it through there. Maybe there’s similar software you can use for the time being in between now and getting one? :3

        Definitely seems like it. Ugh, the moments just seem to drag on and on. It sucks.
        But you’re super welcome! I’m here if you need anything. ❤ xxx

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