Yes posting again

My day was well and good until the last ten minutes of the day at work. It’s sucky when you can’t let things go. It makes me want to quit and have doubts. I just want to be a good person and do good things. Maybe im am emotional perfectionist. Like on most things i can be just good enough but when it comes to emotions i want to be perfect. Hmmm I’ll need to think on this some more.

One thought on “Yes posting again

  1. I think perfect emotions are one of those oxymorons. Emotions are the very definition of messy, complicated human existence, they are imperfect, they are ,messy, they are often irrational and erratic and beautiful. and ugly. Never perfect, though.

    I get the cognitive dissonance between what you want to feel and how you actually feel, it’s a perfectionist quality. Never stop being an imperfect, messy, emotional human. It’s the one thing we have over animals and robots. Messy and ugly as emotions can be, they help keep us grounded and humble and yes, human.

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