Fixing me

Ultimately i can only change myself and how i react to people and situations. My last post questioned if i deserved things that had happened. It was really a question of karma. I need to acknowledge when I’m the problem because sometimes we have to say yes it is me. I have to be better. This has nothing to do with mental health it’s just being human. We all have baggage that makes our reactions one sided. And frankly that’s ok as long as you have the ability at some point to acknowledge it. I don’t always succeed but i try for sure and it has to be enough.

3 thoughts on “Fixing me

  1. Exactly! It’s an act of beauty and love to see our part in any given situation. I myself have shifted into seeing what God wants to teach me in my relationships, wher ed was I lacking or misunderstanding etc. What’s the lesson. Always doing our best is all we can ask of ourselves. We are enough. I have found, especially in the slower pace of these times the meaning in why I do what I do, say what I say and how the relationships with the people in my world are truly a reflection of me. People are a mirror for us. When I don’t like something, I pause and think how and why that resonates within me so deeply? It’s a way of seeing from another perspective and having a deeper understanding. That’s what I’m really appreciating about this time. The slower pace of everything has allowed for deep introspection. Where and what are the lessons. How can I better myself and serve those around me in a more meaningful way.
    Great share, thank you my friend ❤😊

  2. Heavy stuff Lady! I try to think I have only control over me and my behavior. Blessings arrive just as bad things enter my life. I only have control over me, and no one and nothing else. This is also just a tough tough time, everything is bubbling up for all of us!

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