I just read several blogs where sleep patterns or dreams are different right now. My sleep is different as well i have a hard time falling asleep when usually i can fall asleep like instantly.

And my dreams are full of people who have died or are no longer in my life. It’s annoying especially when it involves my ex husband. Seeing my aunt or grandpa i like but that’s about it. Oh and im usually organizing or remodeling some odd house. What does that mean? Are dreams nothing thoughts or as I’ve asked before do they have meaning?

4 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. My thought Angela, grand parents are letting you know they are there to help. The remodel is your Heart, it is in need of a little sprucing up to restore it to the beautiful heart that it is.🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I think dreams are often, not always, a window into our subconscious. They may reveal unresolved issues.
    Dream analysis is not my thing and this would only be a guess, but remodeling a house may be a need to restore a relationship. That you see those deceased or no longer in your life may indicate mourning the loss of intimate relationships and expose the need or longing for that now.

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