The sky is falling

My job with the covid19 virus has really stream lined how we do things. I’ll be working from home a lot with not a lot to do. Im trying to not take anything personal but im just finding it hard to let people not letting me help go despite not knowing really what to do anyway. So i should see it as a blessing.

Life is legit scary right now with the virus going on and then our economy possibly taking a huge hit because of it. I just don’t know how to feel about it all. Hope you all are protected and safe.

3 thoughts on “The sky is falling

  1. Well,it’s falling on all of us, what little comfort that offers. Most of us are feeling uncertain and scared. My sister kept sending me so many links that were rumor or downright false I stopped reading them and signed up for alerts directly from the CDC website. I want facts, not opinions, not rumor, not mutual hysteria. Got enough panic of my own.

    We just gotta hang in there. At least we have a blogger community to lean on during all of this. That’s something many people don’t have. ❤

  2. I think everyone has similar worries … I find that if I’m starting to ruminate about something of which I have absolutely no control, I need to start cleaning! This sounds daft, but it really sorts me out and stops my mind from wandering to negative thoughts! Suffice to say, my cupboards are really organised and sparkling right now!! Stay well. Katie

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