Today is the day

I didn’t wake up deciding that today will be the day i take control of my eating habits. Half way through i decided to and i feel motivated in a way i haven’t in a long time.

I know for me the hardest part will be the psychological scars i have to overcome. Food has always been my friend. It doesn’t judge or make me feel unworthy. I have 43 years of being wired this way.

The thing is it’s worse at night. I need strategies to stay on course. Because something had to happen at nighttime for me to need that comfort. I just have no honest clue what.

I sit here feeling fear of failure once again. But i do feel it’s different as it’s me understanding it’s not just what i eat but my relationship with food. Before i feel i thought it was more will power. I see now it’s triggers and making real changes. Im a poor choice maker. I need to figure how to change that then i can be more successful.

I know change is hard… boy do i know but i can do this. I just have to try or better yet just do.

5 thoughts on “Today is the day

  1. My downfall has always been soda. I pack 50 extra pounds just because of the soda cos sometimes, I go 2 days without eating a thing.Food isn’t my biggest issue.
    One of the most helpful things I have done, however, to put myself on a better track is to keep crisp celery in the fridge with peanut butter nearby. Seriously, for me, a single stalk of celery spread with peanut butter can keep me full so long I am not even hungry til supper time so there is zero snacking.
    And it doesn’t matter if that is not your thing, it is just picking a healthy food-with something flavorful nearby- that can help rewire how you snack when you are hungry.
    Not to sound arrogant cos I am hardly ever gonna be called skinny but if your relationship with food is a big issue-create a new relationship where you eat fruit or veggies with something extra for flavor. Some get to where they don’t even need anything extra, they are just rewired for the healthy stuff.
    Personally, I am waiting til they make lettuce taste like french fries cos flavor really IS the big thing for me. Til then…celery and PB are my fridge companions to ward off my Dorito and french vanilla ice cream binges.
    Good luck πŸ™‚

      1. My other idea was to just do like a Vulcan mindmeld so everyone over 30 could sap out the youthful magical hormone that lets kids eat entire boxes of cookies with a pizza and soda chaser but never gain weight…But apparently, that is frowned upon in polite society. Bloody hell! πŸ˜‰

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