I’ve said this before

I am often disgusted with myself. I often can’t just let it go. Many times the nice thing about time is it dulls the ache but when your in your mind and you can’t get away the pain remains. You have to love yourself through it.

5 thoughts on “I’ve said this before

  1. I am like this a lot too. My therapist says that, as humans, we pick at ourselves if we can’t control other things in our lives. So if we can’t control something else, we try to control ourselves with these hurtful things. It’s so real.

  2. I often look back on things I have done and ask, how can you live with yourself, you’re horrid! Guess the true sign of strength is forgiving myself enough for past mistakes and accepting my flaws and quirks, that keeps me going. We are good, we are all bad. We would never write off someon else for making a couple of mistakes-so why should we be much harsher on ourselves?
    The brain is a mysterious thing.

  3. This is so true! I try to catch myself and accept the feelings and thoughts, forgive them and choose again. Our minds have record players playing the same nasty lies about ourselves over and over.

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