December 4 2019

So i found out yesterday there is a thing called blogmas. Lol so im changing the descriptive from my silly title to that.

Today im talking about change. It’s hard to make changes. I know i have several I’d like to but i find i don’t have the motivation or maybe the real desire to make them so i keep being unhealthy.

How do we change ourselves or behavior? I know i have changed since i started writing this blog. Mostly for the better. Im not recovered fully but it’s livable and i need to give myself credit for that. I can’t wait to change for the better even more.

What is your feelings on change or what do you desire to change?

4 thoughts on “December 4 2019

  1. Great post Angela. Change is one of the certainties of life, the key is to choose to accept change and control them. A dramatic change would be from love to unconditional love. ♥️❤️🌹

  2. I think it comes down to desire we may want it, we may work on it but until we really desire it or feel that we have the time and energy to put into it we won’t really follow through. I have found that in order for me to really change things that aren’t a must other things have to be in order first. Once the must do things start falling into place then the things we want to change seem to just fall into place and start changing. Then from there we gain the motivation and desire to put in the work and follow through.

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