Thanksgiving and bullshit

First i have plenty to be thankful for… my children… family… a career… a roof over my head. Today i am not forgetting those things.

But on my mind is how do you drudge through the bullshit? The mental illness… knowing if someone is real and not full of shit. My thoughts are altered often as im needy yet i don’t believe the words said. My judgment can be off and with my maladaptive coping skills it’s not a good combination.

Still im in good spirits just restless and ill take that over depression anyday.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and bullshit

  1. I know what you mean you been through so much with others you find it hard to believe anything anyone says. I don’t know how you cope and deal with it. I struggle with it all the time. I am a very much show me, don’t tell me show me if you mean it. So far I have only found one who has shown me. I can’t seem to figure out how to make it work with them. No help but understand completely.

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