Missing me

I miss how i felt a month ago. I was loving life and in a good place. Then like that im not. Being bipolar is hard. It’s painful and dark at times. I will get through this. I pray the serenity prayer and find solace in it. Things are dark and bleak but i only have up right?

8 thoughts on “Missing me

  1. Yes I do a lot lately, I want to go back to that person that when done wrong or taken advantage of or knew she was right would stand up and fight. Fight and not back down until she got the results she wanted. Now I could careless even when I should care to the point I should be fighting. But I don’t and I don’t like it, I don’t like this part of the person I have become. I need to figureout how to get her back.

  2. I was just inpatient 10 days i went from being stable for 4 to 6 years now I had only 2 years stable. I’ve had 9 hospitalizations in 20 years. Its been hard i am better but i got to the hospital before the manic episode fully come out and the depression followed. There were a lot of new meds and changes in increase meds. So I am not going to be better soon. I just got to rest up let the meds do their thing.

      1. yea the hospital works weel with me i interact with patients nurses mental health specialists. i wrote about each female mental health specialist and nurse basically describing what i saw in them. it was fun but i needed to work on myself first. they gave me an expensive note book and pen it was from a secret person. i think it was Mackenzie because she nearly cried when i wrote something for her she said it was the sweetest thing anyone did for her.

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