Ugh anxiety

I woke up with work anxiety. It was even in my dreams. I also dreamt of this diet I’m on.

I feel inadequate and worrisome. It was so refreshing when i felt like i didn’t have a mental illness but i do and these things creep in way too often.

I’m not sure keto is for me long term but i now know i can live without sugar and feel better… ie. More energy but i struggle with getting how it works. And there is the desire to binge eat i need to figure out. It happens at night… there must be some trigger.

Overall I’m doing fine it’s just these little things creeping up making me doubt myself but i need to remember i got this.

9 thoughts on “Ugh anxiety

  1. Firstly, anxiety is no fun. I feel your pain from that perspective.

    Secondly, I don’t think you want advice for this, but I’m going to add that Knight (my better-half) is a nutritionist. Something he’s taught me is that Keto really isn’t long term for someone unless it’s to help with a serious medical condition such as epilepsy. Yes, it does help with weight loss, if you do it properly. But, don’t keep it going once you’ve lost the weight, okay? Long term it can be really hard on the body. Which is probably what you’re feeling. Anyways, I’m rambling now so I’m going to stop. Sorry!

      1. I would suggest instead of going keto, try and limit your eating of refined sugars and keep your diet to more natural sugars. Things like fruits, and certain carbs can be a really good source of natural sugars to raise your glycemic index (give you energy) without giving you the exhaustion when you come down from the high, the dark circles under your eyes, the acne (if you’re prone to it from refined sugars) etc…

        Do some research on the glycemic index of foods. That might help you find a more sustainable, less sugary diet for you. Keto… keto can be really exhausting on the body. I don’t know about you, but when I did it for a few weeks (to lose weight for a surgery) I literally slept like 14 hours a day because my body couldn’t function without the sugars and carbs for energy. I’m rambling again, somebody stop me.

        Also, when you eat more natural sugars and less refined sugars, it’s supposed to aid in coping with anxiety. At least that’s why my therapist says. She says processed sugars fall under the processed foods category which can wreak havoc on your insides and cause your anxiety to feel worse if you eat too much of it.

        I’m going to stop rambling now.

        But yes, do some research! Find the right fit for you. Good luck!

  2. Hey! I wish you all the best Angela. I deal with anxiety every day and I’m often told to “Man up”. I recently started my own blog to let other men know that they can open up about their mental health issues and not feel ashamed! Sending you all the best x

      1. Yeah, I’m a computer science student so I went all high tech with it 😅 A pop up should show that says subscribe and you’ll basically get an email whenever I post a blog! No spam I promise. Take care and keep up the blogs!!

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