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1.  Thank the person who nominated you.

2.  Share 7 facts about yourself.

3.  Nominate up to 15 people for the award.

4.  Let the people know they have been nominated.

Thank you my journey into darkness for the nomination. I needed a fun distraction and love awards.

My facts are…

  1. I have dated every gender and race. I feel love is love and shouldn’t be limited.
  2. I grew up on a farm but I’m more of a city girl.
  3. The best concert I ever went to was Marilyn Manson
  4. I went through a stage in my twenties were I wasted to be a porn director.
  5. I often doubt I have borderline personality disorder but then I think how can the test be wrong?
  6. I don’t think I shared this before if I did I’m sorry as I’m trying for non repeats. While I was in the psych hospital another patient was way into me to the point another patient commented on it. He got discharged to another facility in my home town. I was so lonely and lost I almost tracked him down. So happy I didn’t but then I’m like what if he was the one? But then I realize this isn’t a movie. It’s real life. 
  7. I’m learning I get real resentful very quick in relationships. It usually is around alcohol or money. I’m working on expectations versus reality.

I’m not going to specifically nominate people as most people I nominate don’t participate so if you want to please do and let me know you did. Thanks for reading muah lol


One thought on “lovely blog award

    manyofus1980 said:
    April 29, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    great to read this and learn more about you! I think I’ll do it. x

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